Why the picture.

I’m at Westminster, at the UK’s largest ever mass climate lobby. Political action is a crucial tenet of the environmental movement. If we are to tackle the climate crisis, we need our legislators to be on side and to set ambitious targets.

What I believe in.

For too long, caring for our environment has been sidelined in favour of seemingly more pressing, vote-winning matters. But with the general public, in particular the younger generation calling for action louder than ever before, I believe in our ability as a national and global community to make change happen.

Why I do what I do.

As a linguist at university, I had the chance to develop my communication skills in learning new languages and engaging with different cultures. Now, in working for Greenhouse, I’m able to put these skills to good use in combination with my other great passion of fighting climate breakdown.  

What do at Greenhouse.

My work is focused on energy and clean tech clients as well as youth-led climate campaigns, to help communicate their pioneering work to national and regional media. 

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