Why the picture.
I moved to Bristol to work at Greenhouse, one of many relocations over the past few years. I always find myself gravitating towards local woodland when I arrive somewhere, so here I am in Leigh Woods.

What I believe in.
Optimism and altruism. While studying languages at the University of Oxford, I grew to realise how similar we are the world over and how fun it is to defy national stereotypes. The natural world is our fundamental rallying point and in a period of such schism I believe that it can inspire us to do much better.

Why I do what I do.
Our reaction to the climate crisis as a species will define the 21st Century. Simply, I want to make it a success story.

What I do at Greenhouse.
I have my finger on the pulse of history’s third energy transition. As part of the energy team at Greenhouse, I communicate the pioneering work of clients such as Carbon Tracker, British Solar Renewables and The Sunrise Project across numerous channels.

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