Why the picture.
I chose to be pictured by a waterfall because I’m passionate about the potential to use water as a source of clean energy. Before joining Greenhouse, I researched the impact of climate change on alpine hydropower and the implications of glacial retreat.

What I believe in.

I’m fascinated by earth science and believe everyone should understand the physical systems governing our planet. Only through appreciation of our environment and how human systems affect it can we truly make ethical and sustainable choices.

Why I do what I do.

I want to raise awareness of the innovations that are helping to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy system, and mobilise groundbreaking new technologies in the fight against climate change.

What I do at Greenhouse.
As part of the energy team, I craft new narratives about the ways in which technology is future proofing our energy infrastructure and helping to combat some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.  

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