Why the picture.

After studying a Master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Policy, I came to the conclusion that achieving sustainability comes down to strengthening the community. If you want to change the world, start on your doorstep. I’m pictured at my local community centre in South Bristol, a vibrant social enterprise that connects and inspires people of all ages.

What I believe in.

I believe in balancing the three pillars of sustainable development – social, environmental and economic – and I believe Greenhouse contributes to this by raising awareness of and boosting the impact of the sustainable alternatives in each of these areas.

Why I do what I do.

It’s important to me to know that I’m contributing to a better world. To not just minimise negative impacts but to actively do something to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable way of life. When I first discovered Greenhouse, it was clear to me that this was a team of good people doing good things and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

What do at Greenhouse.

I take a behind-the-scenes role at Greenhouse PR, offering administrative assistance to the team and ensuring the smooth running of our Bristol office.

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