Why the picture. 

I’m a huge foodie, and I love hosting potluck dinners with my friends to share delicious foods from our different cultures. Here, you can see my plate piled high with all sorts of home-cooked, plant-based treats from one of our potlucks – I’m continually blown away by how delicious ethical and sustainable eating can be!   

What I believe in.   

I believe in trying to show compassion to my fellow creatures and our planet every day through my dietary and lifestyle choices, and empowering others to do the same. Learning from others has been hugely important in my journey as an environmental activist – the climate crisis can seem overwhelming, but educating myself has really helped me to see what meaningful actions I can take to fight it. 

Why I do what I do. 

It’s essential that we champion a diverse range of voices who are truly committed to climate positivity. Studying literature at university has taught me the power of telling stories to share important messages, and being part of this incredible team allows me to help share stories that will change the world, step by step. 

What I do at Greenhouse. 

As an Account Executive on the Purpose Team, I work with clients who are pioneers in a range of areas from sustainable food systems to biodiversity and conservation, with environmental justice always at the heart of our work. I also support our lovely Office Manager with the systems and processes which enable our team to continue producing bold and innovative campaigns. 

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