Why the picture.
I have always loved nature and wildlife and wanted the picture to be taken outside because that’s where I’m happiest! I also think green spaces are really important in an urban environment, both for wildlife and for people.

What I believe in.
I believe that our connection with nature is vital, both intrinsically and also in order to protect it. We are not separate from the environment and recognising that will help us to solve many of the problems we face today.

Why I do what I do.
I want to tell the stories of the individuals that are doing great things. Sharing their message can inspire others to create positive change too. It’s a job that fuels optimism because you get to see all of the amazing things that people are doing.

What I do at Greenhouse.
I support organisations to deliver campaigns focused on protecting nature and finding solutions to the climate crisis. Whether it’s innovation in cities or nature friendly farming, I help clients to frame their messaging so it will resonate with the target audience and ultimately drive action.

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