Why the picture.
Food is such an integral part of who I am and how I connect to nature. I shop locally, prioritise seasonal food and seek out produce from farms that put biodiversity and nature first, which often leads to more creative plates at the dinner table!

What I believe in.
A world where people have a positive relationship with the environment around them. I have always been a stubborn optimist, and I believe that people are now turning their heads in the direction of a more sustainable way of living.

Why I do what I do.
To amplify the voices of the people who have the ideas, passion and solutions to create a healthier and more sustainable world. I love developing stories of the climate heroes on the ground and sharing their message on the international stage. There is nothing more motivating than witnessing the impact that communication campaigns can have on people’s livelihoods, nature and business.

What I do at Greenhouse.
I specialise in managing nature and youth-led campaigns that create measurable change – from lobbying policymakers to safeguard the countryside for future generations, to calling on major organisations to clean up dirty supply chains.

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