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"Greenhouse PR helped us to drive greater collaboration by demonstrating the risks to insurers of backing coal. Their input on planning, content and execution was invaluable, and the impact we have collectively achieved has resulted in major insurers committing to divesting from coal in the future."
Peter Bosshard, 
Founder, Unfriend Coal


Accelerate global phase-out of coal by persuading insurers to end cover for mines and power plants and pull out of investing billions in the coal industry.


Launched ‘Insuring Coal No More’, a scorecard highlighting momentum in industry and ranking insurers’ action on coal, and ‘Dirty Business’, identifying insurers supporting Polish coal expansion. Called insurers to account, made climate, health and financial arguments, and set benchmarks for effective action.


Delivered >100 pieces of coverage in 22 countries for the launch of the ‘Insuring Coal No More Scorecard’, including nationals and newswires with reach of 7.5bn and 2.9K social shares.


AXA, the world’s 3rd biggest insurer, announced plans to end insurance for new coal projects and divest an additional $2.4 billion from coal, using our campaign benchmark.

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