Tackling Air Pollution Inside Cars






"Greenhouse understand the issues and they were able to deliver valuable insight on the positioning and how to generate profile and investment for Airlabs innovative products."
Sophie Power


Billions of people globally breathe unhealthy urban air which damages their health and reduces life expectancy. Asked to launch a Kickstarter campaign for first product that cleans dangerous NO2 from inside of cars.


Launched the AirBubbl, partnered with a leading scientist to raise the profile of the dangers and the extent of air pollution inside cars, and invited journalists to trial and test the product.


Delivered >30 pieces of coverage with a combined reach of 4.2 million, including two broadcast reports on BBC World Service programmes and BBC Radio 5 Live. Sparked debate in the media on the issue of in-car air pollution, and raised awareness of the Kickstarter opportunity.


The Airbubbl Kickstarter hit its target, which meant Airlabs could develop the innovative product and put it on the market and reduce air pollution exposure inside cars.

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