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Greenhouse played a key role in making our RT campaign one of the most successful to date. From disseminating complex information to engaging our key stakeholders in debate, Greenhouse proved themselves to be a valuable extension to our team.
Caroline Yeo, Communications & Media Manager


Unsustainable palm oil production has driven deforestation and is responsible for human right issues in producing regions. The RSPO’s mission is to increase production and uptake of certified sustainable palm oil. To remain relevant, RSPO undertook a review of its standard through an inclusive consultation process.


Increase awareness and interest around RSPO’s 16th Roundtable event in Malaysia, where the new standard would be voted in, through a digital campaign. Communicate the impact of RSPO, engage multiple stakeholders across the supply chain and drive consumers’ awareness of sustainable palm oil.


Reached a potential 8 million users, drove 24,000 engagements and brought over 150 influencers and key stakeholders into the sustainable palm oil debate. Drove 7,000 clicks to event website, to read interviews with sector leaders. Successfully built up RSPO’s community by 4,500 new followers across channels.


Strengthened RSPO’s position as the leading voice in the sector, with the new RSPO standard applauded by key influencers and critical environmentalists. There was visible increase in consumer awareness and trust in sustainable palm oil post campaign.

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