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CNG Fuels




"From a standing start, Greenhouse helped us to articulate what we stand for and identify the big communications platforms we had in the pipeline. They have built momentum and brand profile. Their integrated approach to PR has really impressed us, with utmost professionalism and widespread support across their team."
Philip Fjeld


Radically de-carbonise road transport with launch of 100% renewable biomethane CNG fuel, cost-effective low-carbon alternative to diesel for HGVs - emitting 70% less CO2 and 40% cheaper than diesel.


Developed integrated communications campaign for launch to build profile with fleet operators. Built partnership with Waitrose for credibility at launch, communicating business and environmental benefits of switching.


Delivered >60 pieces of coverage in broadcast, print and online, from BBC One Show with audience of >5m, to Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Guardian, Reuters, + 27 articles in transport, fleet and logistics media. An integrated social media campaign stimulated over 1,100 shares.


Unprecedented number of enquiries for CNG Fuels with potential new customers, established logistics brand, DHL, became a new customer within first month.

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