Urging for a circular economy at the World Economic Forum in Davos


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The partnership with Greenhouse worked really well for us and Circle Economy has gained much from the advice and input of their experienced team.

Global coverage of our report launched while we were at the World Economic Forum which helped to drive momentum and interest with leaders on the urgency of making our world more circular.
Mark Ashurst, Head or Marketing, Circle Economy


Only 9% of the resources that enter the economy are recycled, leaving a massive ’Circularity Gap’. Resource extraction and greenhouse gases continue to increase, we need to wake up to the opportunities of the circular economy.


Launched ‘The Circularity Gap’ report at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, warning that Governments are failing to maximise chances of avoiding dangerous climate change by overlooking the potential of a circular economy. Connected the circular economy as a big part of the solution to reach the climate goals.


60 articles across global broadcast, national and trade titles. Potential online readership of 1.1 billion and an estimated readership of 5 million. Highlights include Reuters, Independent, Taggespiegel, Spiegal, Het Financieele Dagblad, La Tribune.


Many publications cited the focus of the World Economic Forum as the circular economy, referencing the CGR report.

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