Renewables Revolution for Businesses






"Greenhouse PR reviewed our positioning, connected with opinion leaders and top customers, to create a compelling proposition for our communications – demonstrating the trend and the movement of corporates committing to renewable energy. It has helped us to create a dialogue with businesses encouraging them to join us."
Mike Shirley


Drive business commitment to take up new 100% renewable energy, launching the UK’s first energy labels, stating the electricity’s source and carbon content.


Delivered a campaign to build awareness of the business benefits of switching to 100% renewables by developing report ‘Business and the Renewables Revolution’, highlighting that switching adds less than 1% to power bills. Showcased growing number of global brands committing to 100% renewable and partnered with The Carbon Trust, The Climate Group and The Aldersgate Group, to build credibility and scale.


Campaign generated >21 articles in energy and green business media.


SmartestEnergy positioned as thought leader on business, renewable electricity and the low-carbon transition. New sign ups to 100% renewables from several major customers.

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