Why the picture.

Energy is the single biggest enabler of human prosperity in history. Fossil fuel energy has also become the greatest threat to our world. Feats of engineering, like the engine in this picture, drove the last industrial revolution and are essential to deliver today’s clean-energy revolution – one that enables carbon-free prosperity for everyone.

What I believe in.

I believe in the power of human invention and innovation to transform lives, society and the environment for the better. From the industrial revolution to the space race, history shows what is possible.

Why I do what I do.

Ideas only become powerful through communication. The greatest theories, technologies and products are those explained with the simplest stories – from Newton’s falling apple, to the Apple iPhone. My role is to help green pioneers grow by telling powerful stories to investors, customers and society.

What I do at Greenhouse.

As Head of Energy and Clean Tech I spend every day working with the inventors and innovators at the forefront of the green industrial revolution – from crafting communications strategies to overseeing execution by our team of committed communicators.

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