Join us for a squeeze this Valentine’s Day

Did you know bladder weakness impacts more women in the UK than hay fever? With an estimated one in three women experiencing incontinence at some point in their lives, we’re calling on women everywhere to squeeze this Valentine’s Day.

The World’s Biggest Pelvic Floor Squeeze

Greenhouse is supporting Natracare with the launch of the World’s Biggest Pelvic Floor Squeeze, to combat the stigma and taboo around incontinence. Natracare, the UK’s leading plastic-free period brand has partnered with pelvic floor expert and comedian, Elaine Miller, to host a live and record-breaking pelvic floor exercise class.

The event will be live on Facebook at 7:00pm on 14thFebruary 2019 and women can join from the comfort of their own home.

Stress incontinence usually begins after having a baby but can also be caused by emotional stress; by painful and complex health conditions like endometriosis; by getting older; by being overweight; by surgery or by medication. Stress incontinence can be cured through pelvic floor training in most cases – but many women are unaware of this, because they aren’t seeking help.

To craft a captivating story, Greenhouse designed a consumer survey, advised on the creative social media assets and developed compelling messaging and media materials. We also sourced a community of ambassador bloggers to amplify the call to action and increase awareness about the event.

Elaine Miller, physiotherapist, comedian and star of Gusset Grippers, said: “The World’s Biggest Squeeze is a clever way to get women thinking about their pelvic floors. Most women know they have a pelvic floor and that they should be doing exercises, but they’re not confident about doing them properly and forget about them. Worse still, they wrongly think that leaking is normal – this is such a shame because physiotherapy works and women don’t need to put up with it.”

Susie Hewson, founder and CEO of Natracare, said: “We have been campaigning and developing products that support women and protect the environment for over 30 years. This campaign is no different. We need to talk honestly and openly about incontinence. We want to unite women everywhere to feel confident that there are products available which can help them manage their leaking and protect the planet, too.”

Reliable protection for women and the planet

Luckily, there are solutions out there. Natracare Dry & Light is the first plastic-free, sensitive alternative that gives women experiencing stress incontinence (or light bladder leakage) comfortable, reliable protection as well as caring for the environment.

Join us on the 14thFebruary to learn how to laugh and not leak. Spread the word and invite your friends! You can join the conversation online by searching for the Facebook event, #PeepleUnite or following @natracare.

Greenhouse are proud to support pioneering brands that are helping combat stigmas, as well as protecting the planet. If you are looking to increase your brand’s impact, get in touch and we can help tell your story.

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