OFFtheGRID: a purely solar-powered party to get influencers talking

What happens when you combine a creative renewable energy movement with a crowdfunding platform with big ambitions? Trillion Fund, the renewable energy crowdfunding platform backed by Dame Vivienne Westwood, has teamed up with Finding Infinity to host the UK’s first live crowdfunding experience for renewable energy. This solar-powered party in London will show the world that 100% renewable energy is happening and we can all profit from it.

The London version of ‘OFFtheGRID’: a solar-powered party on a London rooftop, will create the world’s first live renewable energy crowdfunding experience. When asked why they would organise such an event the simple answer was: ‘Music sounds better when it comes from the sun’.

This time around ‘OFFtheGRID’ is an invite-only event that will see some of London’s best known influencers in music, fashion, media and business come together: ambassadors for the future of ‘renewables’ who have the ability to make some noise and assist in raising investment.

A new way to party

‘We want to influence the influencers,’ says Ross Harding, founder of Finding Infinity. ‘For the first time in history, we can take care of the environment for future generations and profit from it at the same time, we need the world’s most influential minds as ambassadors to say we need more renewables and we need them quick.

‘This party is not a hippie fest, it is not corporate event and it is not a charity ball, this is the first of its kind and it is part of a movement we see as the renewable energy revolution. Who said you can’t have fun and change the world at the same time? In Viv’s words: ‘It’s time to party”.

Trillion Fund believes that good, clean things to do with your money should be accessible to everyone. This is one reason the ‘OFFtheGRID’ party is intentionally not about charity. Rather, it is aimed at promoting the positive opportunities we now all have to back renewables and benefit personally from doing so.

Ross and his company Finding Infinity are on a global mission to power the entire world using only renewables ‘ASAP’ spreading the word through bespoke consulting, film making, digital content and events (Harding sees his work as anything required to fill the gaps to implement energy solutions faster).

Creating a renewable energy revolution

Trillion Fund, which is run by powerhouse Julia Groves, responsible for taking BA online and launching the Quiet Revolution wind turbines, is working to raise funds in the order of a trillion pounds to speed up the global transition to a renewable energy future.

‘If people are the ones putting the money into renewable energy, then not only will they ultimately benefit from a cheaper, cleaner more secure long-term energy supply, they can also make a personal profit,” says Julia Groves. “There is no reason that people cannot themselves own and invest in the technology of the future and this party is a way to celebrate what we think is a completely new way of looking at what our money is doing, as well as our energy supply.’

Finding Infinity logoRoss adds: ‘I genuinely see this as a renewable energy revolution, and I genuinely believe that if enough people understood what I understand and if they love renewables as much as I do, then the entire system would flip around in a matter of 10 years or less, the ambition is to create the movement; the revolution – to inspire more people to want that future.’

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