Why the picture.
The Bristol Harbourside is an important place for me – I bought my first flat here, I got married here and now I work here too. By creating sustainable communities we can protect our natural environment and we’ve seen that happen across the harbourside over recent years, as vibrant local businesses now sit alongside residents in the heart of the city.

What I believe in.
We’re at a turning point for the environmental movement as the world is waking up to the change that is urgently needed. We’ve taken our planet for granted for too long and we now face the greatest challenge in our history to save it.

Why I do what I do.
Because it’s not too late. We have all the tools, we just need to put them into practice. In order to do that we need to bring society with us towards a more sustainable future, to change minds and open them, and effective communication can play a big part in that.

What I do at Greenhouse.
I develop and deliver strategic communications to help green energy businesses to tell their story. Energy is an exciting sector that will be unrecognisable within the next ten years as renewables, electric cars and battery technology transform our relationship with the energy we use and create.

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