Why the picture.

I love travelling and from a tender age I’ve been exposed to different cultures, people and landscapes. Copenhagen stands out for me as an example of a wealthy country where global warming is taken very seriously and measures to combat it are embedded in all aspects of daily life. I think there is a lot we can learn from other countries to help tackle the climate crisis, be it general everyday practices, our relationship with nature or the way we consume.

What I believe in.

The climate crisis has exposed huge inequality within our society. I believe that communication can play a key role in bridging that gap – making information accessible to everyone, telling powerful stories, inspiring people and pushing organisations and companies to change the way they function.

Why I do what I do.

I love working in a company where I am surrounded by people who are passionate about challenging the status quo of business as usual – and always do so with a positive attitude.

What do at Greenhouse.

I have the privilege of working on a range of finance and policy campaigns where I specialise in digital strategy and international media outreach.

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