Why the picture.

I am standing at the entrance to ‘Hollow’, an immersive art installation by Katie Paterson, located in the University of Bristol’s Royal Fort Gardens. Hollow is a compendium of the world’s forests, formed of over 10,000 unique tree species from almost every country on the planet. For me, it’s a visual representation of the importance of trees and the urgent need to protect them from deforestation.

What I believe in.

I believe in humanity! Although we have caused many of the issues we currently face, I believe we have the knowledge and spirit to work creatively to turn things around for people and the planet.

Why I do what I do.

Because nothing of great significance is achieved without excellent communications. I work at Greenhouse to support our pioneering clients in their mission to create positive societal change and am lucky enough to learn from the industry’s finest whilst doing so.

What do at Greenhouse.

I support a range of clients to share their stories through campaigns and social media. And I water the plants!

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