Why the picture.

I’m at the Tate Modern in London, a building that makes me smile for so many reasons. Since 2000, this space has been home to some amazing art and music. For the majority of its existence, however, the Bankside Power Station (as it was known back then) bellowed smoke into central London. Its redevelopment is a wonderful example of how we can regenerate old concepts into new ideas.

What I believe in.

Humans have innovated for as long as we have existed. Although innovation has got us to where we are today, it now also threatens our ecosystem. History tells us that whenever something has ceased to work effectively, we have replaced it – stone to iron, manual to machine. Fossil fuels threaten our planet with permeant destruction, it’s time for us to take the next step forward. 

Why I do what I do.

Communication has an essential role to play in halting the climate crisis. Explaining why we should and, more importantly, how we can live more sustainably is all about communicating ideas in ways that capture people’s imagination.

What I do at Greenhouse.

I work with fascinating innovators and businesses who are developing solutions to the climate crisis. I help to sharpen their messages, raise awareness of their inventions and enable them to tell the right stories to the right people.

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