Why the picture.

I chose this photo as it was bright and full of colour and highlights a central spot in the UK for climate activism and policy change. Beautiful beaches and rivers such as the Thames are such a focal point of the climate crisis, and it is the preservation of such beautiful spots in nature that motivates so much of what I do.

What I believe in.

I believe wholeheartedly in pushing for meaningful change through amplifying the passionate voices of the people and this is exactly why I do what I do. With the environment taking centre stage in the past few years, even the smallest voices are now at the forefront of climate negotiations. Politicians are listening because the world is finally starting to hold them accountable. I believe in continuing to put pressure on politicians and big companies to stop talking and finally start acting.

Why I do what I do.

I do what I do precisely because it helps amplify the voices of those who may not always be heard. Working at Greenhouse gives me such an opportunity to work for something I truly believe in and to see my work making a difference which is incredibly important to me. My days are never the same at Greenhouse, but everything has a clear and tangible purpose that keeps everything focused around one important mission.

What I do at Greenhouse.

At Greenhouse, I am the Administrative Assistant Intern. So far, I have had the pleasure of working with campaigns across all teams, giving me a wide breadth of knowledge and insight into the company. For the most part, I am responsible for handling anything and everything that comes my way while trying to learn as much as possible along the way! 

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