Why the picture.
IPCC projections tell us that urgent and unprecedented change is needed now if we are to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. The solutions to this crisis, however, are already out there. Innovators, like those behind 20 Fenchurch Street’s living wall, and other environmentally-minded market disruptors have a positive vision for our future and I want to help them scale up and get heard.

What I believe in.
In a word: evidence. Show me the science; show me the data and the models that prove your claim. Truth isn’t flexible.

Why I do what I do.
I love starting trends. I want to hear conversations on public transport about a topic of conversation that a Greenhouse PR campaign started. I want to see politicians adopting our key messages. And I want to know our clients are achieving real impact thanks to the work that we do. 

What do at Greenhouse.
I head up our London office, managing a high performing team with particular specialisms in clean tech and green energy.

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