Why the picture.

Raised in a big city I always enjoyed visiting the sea as a child. It was my escape to nature. As I grew up and developed a love of travel, sailing held a strong appeal to me. Although I don’t get to sail often, I relish the opportunity to spend some quality time witnessing the power – and beauty – of our planet. 

What I believe in.

I believe that the climate conversation has become dangerously polarized. It’s our duty as climate communicators to make sure that everyone feels empowered to be part of the solution; particularly those with the agency to make a change.  

Why I do what I do.

I take great joy in witnessing the quality and quantity of work going on to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. I feel privileged to be part of projects that are driving this crucial change in society.

What I do at Greenhouse.

As a part of the Policy & Finance team I focus mostly on multi-stakeholder campaigns. I also am lucky to work alongside the insurance and investment industries where, I believe, the greatest change is being driven from at this time. 

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