Why the picture.

This is taken at Roots and Shoots, a community centre and wildlife garden where I grew up. I love that even in the centre of London, people still see the value of nature and take amazing efforts to make sure that our local community has access to it.

What I believe in.

I believe that the climate conversation often becomes polarised and disconnected. It’s our duty as climate communicators to make sure that everyone feels empowered to be part of the solution; particularly those with the agency to make a change.  

Why I do what I do.

I take great joy in witnessing the breadth and quality of work going on to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. I feel privileged to be part of projects that are driving this crucial change in society.

What I do at Greenhouse.

As a part of the Policy & Finance team I focus mostly on multi-stakeholder campaigns. I work alongside the legal, insurance and investment industries where, I believe, the greatest opportunity for impact currently lies.

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