Why the picture.
I am at Brockwell Lido, in Herne Hill, South East London. The natural energy here is infectious. The lido combines iconic design, diversity and community spirit and is everything that I love about London’s outdoor spaces.

What I believe in.
I believe the way that we live our lives has to change, and that we will all benefit by acting now.  Our natural world needs us, and improving our connection with nature will bring only good to us as individuals, and our communities.

Why I do what I do.
I want to help us all to understand the complexity of the climate emergency with empowering language, and show the immediate benefits of taking action. The science is clear, and we need good communicators to explain why it matters today. This is what motivates me and why I am proud to give a voice to inspirational pioneers.

What I do at Greenhouse.
I work with our fantastic teams in London and Bristol to increase the impact of our business and to deliver outstanding work.

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