Why the picture.

This is one of my favourite spots near where I live in Bristol. Even on cloudy days the view is incredible and provides a bit of an escape from the busy city life.  

What I believe in.

I believe communications plays a critical role in engaging and educating people around the world about climate change, as well as the solutions that will accelerate positive change.  

Why I do what I do.

I’m from a very small and isolated island that is innately vulnerable to the impacts of climate change which acts as both my fear and my drive. As our global population continues to rapidly grow, our reliance on energy will too. Supporting companies that are accelerating our transition to clean and renewable sources of energy will give vulnerable nations, like where I’m from, a fighting chance. 

What I do at Greenhouse.

I am an Account Executive on the Energy Team, I work with game-changing companies within the mobility and clean technology sectors that are accelerating and enabling the global transition to clean and renewable energy. 

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