Invest in part of “The Archers” farm and preserve biodynamic land for future generations

Rush Farm, which inspired BBC Radio 4’s The Archers, has a community share offer open to own part of the land as an investment with financial return. It now has only £18,500 left to raise in the final 10 days.  With the minimum investment at £100 with a 5% return on investment it’s a fantastic opportunity to become part of a community of people co-owning the unique farm.

Place your investment with the farm through the Ethex website here.

The showcase biodynamic farm is raising funds to add the remaining 35 acres of the farm’s land in private ownership to its 150 acres, and to install solar panels and ground source heat pumps at its business park.


Sebastian Parsons, who owns Rush Farm with his sisters and is now Chief Executive of Stockwood Community Benefit Society (CBS), said: “We transferred the farm we love into community ownership to preserve it as a showcase of biodynamic farming forever. Our investors are joint owners and we welcome the chance to show them the impact their money is making when we open our doors for lambing days, summer fetes and other events.”

Greenhouse PR has been working with Stockwood Community Farm for the last three years, and Founder Anna Guyer is an investor, here is what she says about the benefits of becoming part of the investment and farm community:

“I became an investor in Stockwood Community Benefit Society as I firmly believe that we need to protect land in the UK and I want to ensure that this farm continues to be farmed biodynamically for generations to come.”  Watch the video below.


Stockwood Community Benefit Society protects Rush Farm and its Stockwood Business Park. By owning the whole estate, farm and business park together – the Society is able to deliver its environmental and social objectives. Such as the renewable energy project that’s currently being installed on the barn roof. This will produce solar electricity which would further their environmental goals as well as generating extra profit for funding their educational and environmental objects.

As a co-owner of the farm, investors not only become member shareholders, they also become a part of something bigger by helping to safeguard a traditional farm and rural hub –  and the gates are always open for you to visit the beautiful biodynamic land and animals.

invest organic

Investor Tracey Watson-Jones visiting the farm

If you’re looking to put your money into something ethical, then why don’t you invest in a dynamic new partnership between an organic farm and a business park, with transformational social impacts that simply keep on growing.

CAN an everyday business park impact the world around it for the better?

CAN the highest farming and wildlife standards pay their way and win the sceptics over?

YES they can, and it’s happening at Stockwood. Together the business park and the farm:

  • Fosters more for local businesses to value and grow their positive social impacts.
  • Improves more health and wellbeing, through biodynamic, organic stewardship of land and food.
  • Educates more schools, clubs, businesses and other groups, providing access to wildlife, farming, social impact theory and life skills.
Stockwood CBS

Stockwood CBS Business Park

Investing puts you at the heart of a radical new collaboration between business, farming, education and community – a powerful partnership for positive change.

We asked Sebastian Parsons, Chief Executive of Stockwood CBS why people should invest in the Society:

 “Your investment strengthens us and adds momentum to our progress. Standard high street finance rooted in the status quo holds back transformation. Amazingly, it is a mix of 21st century investors built on a 200 years heritage of industrial and providential tradition that has made this happen. “

“It’s vitally important going forward for the sustainability of farming that we protect land for future generations. I sit on the board of the CSA board for the UK. This is a really good example of farming and the community coming together and that is why I wanted to invest in this farm.” Tracey Wathen-Jones, Investor in Stockwood CBS.


Click here to help us raise the final funds to complete the share offer, and please share with others in your community interested in putting their money somewhere good.

If you would like to hear more from the investors on why they have chosen to be part of the community watch the videos on YouTube.

Greenhouse PR have been working with Stockwood Community Benefit Society for three years, raising awareness of the significance of the biodynamic approach to farming and helping to raise investment in the first community-owned farm with ethical business park. To hear more from them read Sebastian Parson’s pioneer interview.

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