Why the picture. 

I’m in the Botanical Gardens in Royal Victoria Park in Bath. I grew up nearby and we’d come here a lot when I was little – particularly in the autumn, when we’d collect bagfuls of brightly coloured leaves and take them home to dry and press in the Yellow Pages. I’m really grateful that I had those experiences of learning about the natural world growing up. Access to nature is integral to mental and physical wellbeing, but many people’s circumstances are such that they aren’t able to get that access as easily as others can. That’s why local public parks are invaluable spaces: they allow everyone in the community equal access to nature.  

What I believe in. 

I believe in environmental justice: if we aren’t working for a better future for everyone, then we aren’t working for a better future at all. 

Why I do what I do. 

I love telling stories that educate and inspire people to mobilise to combat the environmental crisis. I want to help people realise that they have the power and the tools with which to fight for a better world. I am motivated by the possibility of a future that is equitable for all, and I want to communicate that potential to others in the work I do.  

What I do at Greenhouse. 

I work within the behaviour change team, telling the stories of consumer brands who are putting the environment at the centre of their mission. 

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