Why the picture. 

This photo was taken at BedZED eco-village in London. Completed in 2002, it’s almost 20 years old and still a beautiful example of a sustainable community where people love living. It reminds me that we already have many of the solutions to the climate crisis. 

What I believe in.  

A sustainable future is a better future. It’s all about creating a fairer world where everyone lives healthy, happy lives with good jobs, stronger communities, cleaner air and a thriving natural environment.  

Why I do what I do.  

Biased as I may be, I think communications can change the world. As I said, many of the solutions for a more sustainable world are already out there – but we need to scale them up and engage more people. That’s impossible without communication.  

What I do at Greenhouse. 

I work with our inspiring clients to help them tell their stories and monitor their reach across digital channels, engaging new people and influencing wider change.  




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