Why the picture.

I’m stood on the beautiful Northumberland coast with Blyth offshore wind farm behind me. I have been lucky enough to live most of my life by the sea and love being in the great outdoors. We must now harness nature in order to protect it by harnessing wind to wave goodbye to fossil fuels and protecting habitats so biodiversity can thrive. 

What I believe in.

Tackling climate change and environmental breakdown is a complex task that must be approached with care and urgency. We need to transform many different systems and we cannot do this without communicating and listening to one another. Good dialogue can help and a smooth and rapid transition towards the systems we desperately need.

 Why I do what I do.

I passionately believe we have a duty to seek the solutions to this climate crisis. I also see the brilliant solutions we already have and simply need help to gain lift-off. Supporting products and causes that are crucial to a more sustainable future is exciting and offers a real sense of purpose.  

What I do at Greenhouse.

I am an Account Executive in the Energy and Cleantech team where I support clients such as Northern Powergrid and Good Energy. Our energy systems are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions and major transformation is now just on the horizon. Communications and engagement with different stakeholder groups will be crucial to ensuring our future power is renewable and secure.  

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