Why the picture.

I’m lucky to live down the road from Battersea Flower station, one of my favourite places in London. The space opened in 2012, as the team had a hope of creating a place of beauty in the land that runs alongside the railway track. I believe if we had a better relationship with the nature around us, we would be in a much more positive place in regard to climate change, and having this space right in the centre of Southwest London is wonderful.

What I believe in.

I believe that if everyone made one small change – whether that be walking instead of taking the tube or switching to non-dairy milk – our world would see immeasurable benefits. Our relationship with nature is not only important for the plant, but for our mental health too, and it’s time we started properly looking after our world.

Why I do what I do.

I enjoy the challenge of communicating the change we need to see to truly combat the climate crisis. Telling the story of companies using innovative technology will not only save the natural world my generation lives in, but the one after that too.

What I do at Greenhouse.

As an Account Manager on the Energy Tech team, I work with a range companies that are leading solutions to the climate crisis. I’m passionate about helping to tell their story, raise awareness of their technology and enable their work to have a global impact.

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